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Another multiplayer beta test for the Just Cause 2 mod is currently underway, right now. The team has gone and done something that some might find to be rather shocking, however, adding in Steam authentication so that pirated and illegal copies of Just Cause 2 are not and will not be supported by the MP beta.

The news comes courtesy of the official JC2 MP Beta website, where you can download the free multiplayer beta client and easily and conveniently hop right into a game if you have Just Cause 2 installed....a legitimate copy, that is.

The cool part about it is that Avalanche Studios has been overly cooperative with the mod team, watching them, guiding them where necessary and embracing them as part of the Just Cause family...but not with money, because they aren't pimps like that.

Anyway, the MP beta offers players complete and utter mayhem. If you thought Just Cause was already this crazy, large, open-world action title, imagine that description multiplied by player ingenuity and unforeseen chaos and you get the JC2 MP beta.

Hundreds of people pile into the multiplayer beta and just wreck absolute havoc on any and everything. If this game were running on the Frostbite 3 the aftermath would look like there was a nuclear war between the Corporate States of America and the Poor People's Republic of Russia. I'd pay to see that.

You can hop into the game right now, assuming you're not a low down dirty, scumbag pirate, which probably means everyone working for a certain company will probably never get a chance to play the Just Cause 2 multiplayer beta...a shame really, because maybe it could give them ideas of how to make a fun game for once that isn't a ripoff of other, better ideas that don't always have to be broadly appealing.