If simply destroying things in Killing Floor 2 is leaving you feeling unfulfilled, then here’s some great news: Now you can start creating things! Tripwire Interactive today announced that Steam Workshop tools are coming to Killing Floor 2, giving players the chance to get more creative with the popular first-person shooter and easily alter their game.

Tripwire Interactive sent out a press release announcing the introduction of Steam Workshop into Killing Floor 2. The new functionality has gone live today, and you can dive straight into it after downloading the most recent patch.

So what does full Steam Workshop implementation mean for a violent shooter like Killing Floor 2? Well, you know all of those fun mods, maps and tweaks people love to plug into the game? Now you don’t have to go through nearly the amount of leg work to plug them in. Simply select the stuff you want to use to alter your game and, boom, you’re set.

According to the announcement, this change will allow both Killing Floor 2 servers and players to keep their preferred mods at the ready and constantly up to date without having to put in any effort. You’ll also now be able to download unsubscribed mods and maps directly from Steam instead of a re-direct server which, again, takes out any middle steps. Just figure out what you want, get it downloaded directly from the Steam Workshop and, boom, you’re all set.

According to Tripwire President John Gibson, this is a huge deal for Killing Floor 2, making it one of the few games to offer full Steam Workshop integration.

Gibson said that the ability for servers to plug in mods that automatically update when the modder makes changes is great, and that goes double for when players jump onto a server and the selected mods are automatically updated for them.
It’s a complete circle that makes it so much easier for modders to get their content in the hands of players, and for players to enjoy all the amazing user generated content for the game.

You can check out the Killing Floor 2 Steam Workshop page by clicking right here. If you see something you like, then you’re only a couple of clicks away from having the mods or maps dropped into the FPS. You can even subscribe to certain types of mods, having them added to your game as they become available.

An online shooter boasting hordes of monsters, Killing Floor is the kind of series that lives and dies by its dedicated community. Giving said community an easier way to play the game however they like is a pretty smart way to make sure players keep coming back for more.

Now, about that PlayStation 4 version of the game?
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