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Kim Jong-Un has many impressive titles: Supreme Leader of North Korea, First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, First Chairman of the National Defence Commission, and Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army. Now he has another role: star of the video game Glorious Leader!.

In Glorious Leader!, Kim Jong-Un battles United States troops across 7 levels. He'll fight drones, paratroopers and even tanks with his trusty rifle. In some cases, he'll ride on the back of a unicorn. The game looks like a side-scroller straight from the SNES era.

The dictator (did I say "dictator"? I meant "one-person democracy") will even enlist the help of former NBA star Dennis Rodman. Rodman stirred up controversy last year by making public visits to North Korea and socializing with Jong-Un. His appearance in Glorious Leader! will make it the second-weirdest game starring a former NBA player.

Kim Jong-Un seems like the sort of person who would commission a video game to glorify himself. However, he and North Korea aren't responsible for Glorious Leader!. Instead, the project being built by Atlanta-based studio Moneyhorse LLC. In case the unicorn didn't make it clear, they intend the game as a satire rather than a glorification of Jong-Un.

"Glorious Leader! is coming soon to PC and something called a mobile device. Finally, you will know why North Korea truly is the best Korea," says Moneyhorse's official website. They don't mention a release date for the project.

Moneyhorse CEO Jeff Miller told the Guardian that he hopes Glorious Leader! will get people to pay more attention to the secretive, totalitarian state.

Miller doesn't expect everyone to like the project. For example, he thinks the mobile version won't be approved by Apple so it'll have to be an Android-only release. The reception thus far by gamers has been positive, though. Miller's been surprised by the amount of South Koreans asking if the game is coming to their country.

I'm all for game developers taking shots at dictators. They deserve whatever mockery can be thrown their way. Hopefully Glorious Leader! ends up being fun in addition to being funny.

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