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Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series won’t have to wait much longer to be reunited with Goofy, Donald and the rest of the cast from Disney and Square Enix’s beloved crossover universe. It looks like North American audiences will finally be getting their hands on the highly popular mobile game, Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ.

According to a recent announcement on the Square Enix Blog, we’re only a couple days out from Kingdom Hearts X launching in North America on iOS and Android platforms.

And while the Kingdom Hearts narrative isn’t exactly the easiest ball of yarn to unravel, you won’t need any prior knowledge of the series to jump into Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, as director Tetuya Nomura explains that the events of the mobile game actually take place at the beginning of the Kingdom Hearts story.

That’s right, you’re going back to a time before Sora, before even the Keyblade war. In this era, loads of people wield Keyblades in a land where fantasies collide. Each player will take on the role of one of these Keyblade wielders and help shape the future of the story.

And for those of you looking forward to picking up the latest compilation game, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, the team at Square Enix promises that Unchained χ will somehow tie into all three games included in the new compilation.

That all will of course lead into Kingdom Hearts III, which we’re still utterly starved for new information on. Thankfully, E3 is just around the corner and, if Square Enix is as far into development as we assume they are at this point, that would be a good time to pull back the curtain a bit further. Fans have been waiting a very long time for Kingdom Hearts III, so hopefully those new details are inbound.

To help tide you over, though, you’ll be able to download and start playing Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ starting this Thursday, April 7.

As for what worlds and characters you’ll be running into, expect plenty of series staples pulled from the Disney catalog, as well as a brand new hub, Daybreak Town. There’s also going to be cooperative and competitive play to keep things fresh, as well as mobile hooks like medals to chase after, costumes to collect and the like.

Nomura goes on to reiterate the fact that this game takes place at the start of the Kingdom Hearts story, so players who have never held a Keyblade should feel comfortable diving in without knowing anything about the cast, setting, etc. One thing is for sure from the handful of screenshots we’ve seen: This is certainly the most adorable game in the series to date.

So, do you plan on playing this new Kingdom Hearts mobile game? Let us know in the comments section below.