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While oftentimes we label South Korean MMOs as shoddy World of Warcraft clones (and unfortunately, a vast majority of them are) there happens to be a nice plethora of South Korean titles that aren't clones, and the ones that stand on their own two feet as both original and fun are making publishers billions, $2.16 billion USD to be exact.

The Korean video game export is expected to reach and exceed $3 billion USD according to a new report by MMOSite. What's more is that the South Korean video game market is now worth more than the Korean (K-Pop) music industry.

Furthermore, as stated in the article, Nexon -- using the F2P MMO business model for their games -- is ranked as the third largest game company globally, thanks to a high rank on the Japanese Stock Exchange. The company also continually has been posting profits every single quarter throughout this year.

Other Korean games like Maple Story, Vindictus, Dragon Nest, Gunz, Lineage, Cross Fire and Combat Arms are games that have seen massive revenue over the years in good part to the free-to-play business model paired with some unique form of gameplay.

A couple of other hard-hitting Korean MMOs are expected to also draw in quite a bit of export revenue, including the next-generation MMO Bless, Redduck's Metro Conflict: Presto and the highly anticipated, CryEngine 3, PC-killer Blade & Soul.

You can check out the full report on Korea's export revenue from their fast-growing game development sector over at MMOSite.