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Hey remember Oregon Trail? Not the game that helped make PC gaming popular as an edutainment center from way back in the early 1990s. I'm talking about the new Oregon Trail for mobile devices from both Google and Apple...yeah well, in that Oregon Trail a special holiday update has gone live featuring pop-band Lady Antebellum.

If you're a fan of their music or you just really like getting into the holiday season with seasonal updates to your favorite mobile games, there's probably no better time to get into The Oregon Trail: American Settler than now, especially considering that this season update is temporary. Yeah, temporary. Cue sad faces and a few digital tears.

Anyway, Dawn Gates, UMG Nashville Vice President of Digital Marketing commented about the new update, saying...
“I’m always looking for strategic branding opportunities and working with Gameloft has provided an extraordinary platform for driving consumer awareness about Lady Antebellum and the “On This Winter’s Night” holiday album within a large and fast-growing digital media outlet,”

If you don't mind market pandering during peak fiscal opportunities to cash in on holiday extravaganzas and pseudo attempts to get into the “holiday spirit”, then you'll probably find that the inclusion of Lady Antebellum as NPC quest givers in The Oregon Trail as a highlight to the gameplay experience.

You can grab the holiday update of The Oregon Trail for either iOS devices at the Apple App store or for Android devices on Google Play.