Being the son of one of the brightest detectives known to man, it should come as no surprise that young Alfendi Layton has followed in his father’s footsteps, now pursuing a life of solving crimes. And now more mobile gamers than ever can follow Alfendi on his latest cases as Layton Brothers Mystery Room finally makes its way to Android.

Level-5, the folks behind the ever-popular Professor Layton series of puzzle games, have continued to grow the family tree a bit, introducing the brilliant son of the Professor in his very own mobile outing, a “crime-solving adventure game featuring enigmatic cases and new mysteries,” according to a statement from the developers.

Layton Brother Mystery Room originally launched on iOS earlier this year and is finally making the leap to Android in the U.S. and Europe. For those who are interested in seeing what this intriguing spinoff has in store, the prologue and the first two chapters are available now free of charge. Each chapter contains its own mystery with nine available for the game in total. If you like what you play in the gratis offerings, then Case File Pack 1 (including chapters three through six) can be downloaded for $2.99 while Case File Pack 2 (including chapters seven through nine) can be had for $1.99. So, in short, the whole kit and caboodle can be yours for about five bucks. That's actually not that bad of a price when you think about it.

“Bringing the Professor Layton spin-off to Android with Layton Brothers Mystery Room continues the great success Level-5 experienced with the iOS release of the game earlier this summer,” said Akihiro Hino, President and CEO of Level-5. “Android users can now join in the fun, solving crimes that create the same sense of page-turning allure as a mystery novella.”

Playing as Alfendi Layton, you’ll team up with your new partner, Detective Constable Lucy Baker, in order to crack some of London’s most intricate mysteries. Within the crime scene, you’ll be able to zoom in on suspicious objects and add them to your evidence collection. Using the evidence gathered, you’ll be able to question suspects and unravel the crime by finding contradictions in their stories and what you know to be true. Eventually, you’ll even be able to build an air-tight case around your suspect and reveal them for the conniving criminal they truly are.

If you can’t get enough of the Professor Layton universe and could do with a few tricky mysteries to solve, then grab Layton Brothers Mystery Room on Android starting today. This is a great way to expand your library of games with something still relevant within the adventure-puzzle genre, especially something including the highly praised and always loved Professor Layton.

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