League Of Legends' New Champion Kindred Is Coming Next Week

League of Legends players won't have to wait long for the newest champion, Kindred. Riot Games said today that Kindred will be live in the MOBA in a matter of days.

In a Q&A on LoL's forums, Riot noted that the new champion's launch is scheduled for next week. Kindred's introduction won't interfere with the 2015 World Championships coming in October:

All of worlds is being played on the 5.18 patch, Kindred will be released next week (turned on during the 5.19 patch) but they will not be playable in competitive for some time.

Kindred is a pair of spirits that arrive in the final moments of a mortal's life. In matches, they mark enemy champions and minions for death and gain permanent bonuses to basic attacks when they kill these targets. In battle, he slows targets, steals their health and hits them with a barrage of arrows. Their ultimate, Lamb's Respite, lets them prevent the death of any units in an area and heal all targeted allies.

It's good that Riot doesn't plan to drop Kindred into competitive play right off the bat because they're a very different type of champion. Their kit, particularly Lamb's Respite, could have a huge effect on games. It's going to be interesting to see how Kindred players use Respite to deny baron kills and turn teamfights. They could be very disruptive to game balance. Players will need some time to figure out how to play with or against Kindred.

Patch 5.19 went live earlier today. The update fixed bugs affecting Shen, Zac and Garen while also buffing Miss Fortune's ultimate. Riot also reworked the jungle by creating a new leashing system for monsters and nerfing the Devourer enchantment for ranged champions. Additionally, many basic runes are now half as expensive. You can read the full list of changes here.

Kindred won't be the only new content being released during 5.19. Riot also has several new skins planned. New Kindred owners can buy a Shadowfire appearance that sets them ablaze. Alistar and Olaf will receive Marauder skins that outfit them in sharp, dark armor. The Warden skins for Jax and Karma turn the two into knights in shining armor. Ironside Malphite makes the giant rock-man look like a steampunk contraption. His new skin fits the other pirate costumes released during Burning Tides this summer. The full set can be seen in the gallery below.