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It’s been weeks since Riot Games started teasing a new champion to add to the already-massive lineup for League Of Legends, and fans are going crazy with anticipation. A few days ago, they released a strange teaser trailer that raises all sorts of questions. You can view the teaser below.

The teaser trailer is vaguely titled, “Mind Of The Virtuoso.” It’s really hard to say exactly what kind of champion Riot Games is planning to reveal. According to PC Gamer, they commented on the trailer, saying that the champion will have a mask and a magic gun, which is obviously revealed towards the end of the teaser. But alongside being totally trippy, there still isn’t much known about the upcoming champion. He’s a guy, he has a crazy gun, and his bullets will do wondrously and beautifully violent things.

In response to the stunningly-designed, cinematic teaser, one Twitter user was genuinely impressed.

Another Twitter user revealed that she got some interesting, but vague, information at a round-table interview with Riot Games.

What exactly could Riot Games mean when they say different? When looking at the teaser, there are a ton of different, perplexing elements. For example, we see footage of the champion shooting a bullet that wraps one of his victims into a growing tree, and footage of one of the attacks shooting a bouquet of burning roses into the back of another victim. It’s not characteristic of what you’d typically see shooting from a standard pistol. But the biggest question is, what is the theme with this champion? Will he use nature-driven attacks? Icy attacks? Or even go as far as saying artistically-inspired attacks? Perhaps that’s what it means to be different?

Riot Games still has given no official word on the announcement of the champion. A Reddit user associated with Riot Games did note that “he’s almost ready,” referring to the champion. So maybe fans of League Of Legends don’t have to wait much longer.