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This weekend, Riot Games unveiled a cinematic trailer entitled "Twist of Fate" for their MOBA League of Legends. The trailer is a battle royale between the game's eclectic cast of warriors.

"For the last year or so we’ve been hard at work bringing a new cinematic to life," said Riot. "The fascinating thing about working in a cinematic format is that it allows us to get up close and personal with our champions without the constraints of the frenetic, action-packed, moment-to-moment gameplay of League of Legends."

In LoL, two teams of players compete in objective-based matches. In order to complete their goals, players will have to battle the other team as well as their NPC minions. The champions level up their abilities over the course of the match and be outfitted with new equipment as well. One of the key challenges in LoL is learning how to use a character's unique abilities to help their team succeed.

This trailer is composed of several one-on-one duels so you don't get a sense of the teamwork involved in the game. However, it does introduce you to several characters, including Ryze and Annie, and give you a sense of their strengths. I like the trailer for the same reason that I liked the cinematics for Elder Scrolls Online and Warhammer Online>: they make all of the characters look cool, rather than just one or two. As a result, some LoL newcomers might come away from the trailer really wanting to play as Twisted Fate while others might want to be Fiddlesticks.

Riot unveiled the new trailer during the LoL All-Star Weekend in Shanghai. The All-Star weekend will be followed soon by the second half of the Championship Series. Season 3's regular season will resume on June 1st.