Multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends is adding another playable Champion to their ranks. Nami the Tidecaller is a regal mermaid who provides support to her team.

Nami is able to buff the movement speed of her allies with Surging Tides. Her Tidecaller's Blessing ability adds bonus magic damage and slow effects to their attacks. Perhaps her most interesting support ability, though, is Ebb and Flow. Ebb and Flow creates a stream of water that heals friendly targets and damages opponents.

If need be, Nami can hold her own in combat. By casting Aqua Prison, she can hit multiple enemies at once with magic damage and stun them briefly. Tidal Wave, meanwhile, knocks back enemies while also slowing and damaging them.

The release date for Nami hasn't been announced yet. However, Champions are generally added a matter within days of their Spotlight Videos.

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