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League of Legends' insane game mode One for All is back following a two-year absence. You'll only have a limited time to play it, though.

One For All puts a fun spin on the usual Summoner's Rift matches. On the champion select screen, each member of a team will vote for a champion to play. The game will then select one of these champions at random and everyone on the team will have to play them. Any champion that at least one player owns is eligible for the mode.

As Riot Games notes in today's announcement, eight champions have been released since One for All was last available for Summoner's Rift: Kindred, released earlier this week, is a Marksman well-suited for the jungle role. They mark jungle minions and enemy champions for death and receive bonuses if they can take them down. That should mean there's going to be a lot of attempt ganks and counterjungling in a One for All match with Kindred. The character's ultimate, which lets them prevent the death of any unit in a small area. will be really infuriating when a team has five of them.

(Also, selfishly, I'm glad that One for All Mode is hear to distract all the new Kindred players. I really hate playing Ranked matches with a teammate who picked a brand-new champion.)

An entire team of Rek'Sais would be interesting as well. They'd have a huge amount of vision and mobility thanks to their tunnels. I'm not sure how they'd actually fare in a teamfight but at least they could get to the fight really quick.

Oh, and in case you're wondering: yes, you can have a series of Tahm Kenchs swallow each other like Russian dolls:

I'm sure that the old favorites will get plenty of play, though. We'll see plenty of Wukong teams knocking up the enemy teams into oblivion. Darius squads will dunk everything in sight. Teemos will cover the map in poisonous mushrooms until the enemy team forfeits. Good times will be had by all - or at least one team.

One for All will be available until October 26. There doesn't seem to be a reward for playing (such as a summoner icon) so don't worry about playing this mode if it doesn't sound like your thing.

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