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Left 4 Dead, Payday: The Heist Crossover Revealed With Trailer

After a few weeks of teasing, we finally know what Overkill Software and Valve Software have been working on together. It's a new Payday: the Heist mission set in the same hospital from the "No Mercy" Left 4 Dead level.

The mission tasks players with forcibly entering a hospital and drawing blood from patients in quarantine. Then, you need to fight off the SWAT teams that storm the building. Presumably the quarantined patients are supposed to be infected with whatever virus causes the zombie outbreak in L4D but that's never explicitly stated.

There's also no sign of any actual zombies. Gunning down hordes of fresh undead might be fun but probably wouldn't be true to the Payday experience. Seems like this could be a pretty straightforward Payday map that simply acknowledges the shared fanbase of that game and L4D.

No word yet on when this map will be available.

Payday: The Heist - No Mercy Trailer (opens in new tab) by allgamesbeta2 (opens in new tab)

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