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Legend Of Grimrock 2: First Screenshot Enters The Forest

Legend of Grimrock 2

Almost Human revealed the very first screenshot from Legend of Grimrock 2 this morning. It's much more colorful and bright than you'd expect from a dungeon-crawling RPG.

In the first Legend of Grimrock, players created a party of four characters with a variety of races, classics and skills. Then they led these heroes through a dungeon filled with puzzles and monsters. The game was inspired by old-school, first-person RPG's like Ultima Underworld and Eye of the Beholder.

The sequel presumably builds on that same premise. However, the screenshot suggests you won't spend the entire adventure indoors. The image shows a forest path leading to a wooden bridge.

LoG2 was announced in February. Almost Human said at the time that they were originally planning to make an expansion pack to the original. However, they decided to take the expansion content and flesh it out into a full sequel. Players can expect new dangers to overcome as well as an updated engine.

Legend of Grimrock is currently available on PC, Mac and Linux. The game is $15 and can be purchased through various digital stores including GOG, Steam and Ubuntu. An iOS port is planned as well. The sequel's platforms haven't been announced yet but are presumably the same as the original game.