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If you’re a participant in the current, on-going beta for Reverie Studios MMORTS, Dawn of Fantasy then you’re in luck. 505 Games and Reverie Studios announced that in the latest patch for the beta of Dawn of Fantasy, Lua scripting tools and a Scenario Editor were added that enables players to create their very own levels and scenarios for the game.

As some modders know, Lua scripting is about as easy as it gets when it comes to modding and all you have to do is tweak a little bit of this and type in a little bit of that and Wha-la! You have your very own mod.

As stated in the press release…
This kit includes a detailed guide to level design with images to guide the new designer every step of the way, as well as a guide to scripting and cinematography with Lua script samples to teach the new scripter how to set up his or her first triggers and a simple cinematic to create the start of a playable scenario. And finally, the kit will feature a number of sample scenarios that complement the guides, showing advanced level design and scripts in action.

Pretty cool, eh? Well, modders can get to work on designing levels and scenarios for Dawn of Fantasy right now. Reverie Studios even added a new section to their forums specifically for modding the game and creating new scenarios. Some of the mods will even get to see the light of day in the game’s Online Kingdom mode.

You can sign up for the beta right now and start downloading the game and tools to get to work on some brand new scenarios as the game preps for release on September 30th. For more info be sure you head on over to the Official Website.