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Downloadable games might be convenient to store but they leave your shelves looking a little bare. Starting today, you can buy a boxed copy of digital hit Limbo to impress any would-be visitors to your gaming lair.

The special edition of Limbo comes with DRM-free copies of the PC and Mac versions. This particular edition of the game also supports 3D, which you can take advantage of with 3D glasses in the bundle. Additionally, Playdead threw in seven art cards, a sticker of the main character, and a copy of the soundtrack.

The game is a haunting puzzle-platformer. A boy wakes up in the shadowy realm of Limbo and must find his sister. He'll have to navigate treacherous obstacles and evade deadly enemies.

The inventive puzzles and interesting art style helped Limbo quickly become a hit with gamers. It racked up over one million in sales as of last November. While it's one of the most recognizable indie games in recent history, no doubt there's a lot of folks out there who have never played it or heard of it. If you want to convert a friend, note that the special edition also comes with a gift copy of the game accessible through Steam.

The bundle costs $24.99. The downloadable version of the game normally costs $15, so you're essentially paying $10 for the extras included with it. Also, you're getting a game box for your shelf that says, "Yes, I am a discerning gamer."

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