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Aeria Games and Sirius Entertainment’s upcoming MMORPG, Lime Odyssey: The Chronicles of Orta is a visually engaging game. Aspects of it seem to resemble a cartoon of sorts. Well, new screenshots have emerged showing off the vistas, plains and a few mobs that gamers will encounter.

Players will create a character and venture into the world of Orta, where they will participate in standard-fare quests, exploration and combat. In regards to what makes the game standout from other MMOs, I can’t really say much. It kind of looks standard-fare, however the screenshots do depict a very pleasant and well designed atmosphere. If the game has a decent story and finds a good balancing act between mob-grinding and questing, then it could turn out to be a fun online RPG to jump into.

The game will also contain multiple travel functions, including land mounts, air and sea travel. There are also marketplace vendors and jobs, so players who don’t feel like quest or mob grinding can make a copious amount of cash by adhering to professions like blacksmithing, tailoring, herbalism and more.

You can check out some of the additional features of the game below along with the new screenshots. To sign up for the upcoming closed beta, be sure to visit the Official Website.

Lime Odyssey Features:

• Blue Coral Forest – This dense, diverse region is home to the Humans.
• West Tumbara – The cat-like Turga race claims the desert plains of West Tumbara.
• Haze Island – A colorful explosion of vibrant flora and fauna, Haze Island is the starting region for the diminutive Muris race.
• Sea, Land & Air – Players wishing to leave the safety and comfort of their starting borders can run, swim or fly to regions such as Loran Desert and Duval Highlands.

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