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Holy snaps, talk about a true next-gen space sim. Limit Theory is the evolution of simulated space exploration and the game is in development right now and seeking a little crowd-funding help from everyone's favorite crowd-sourced facilitator, Kickstarter.

Headed up by Parnell out of Stanford, California, Limit Theory is one of the many upcoming indie games that aims to bring more emergent gameplay to PC gamers. No rules, no restrictions, no Hollywood blockbuster set pieces...Limit Theory is all about procedural design and gameplay, so the experience is never the same and always evolving.

You can check out the Kickstarter video below, which does a much better job of cramming all the expository details and gameplay together without me having to write an entire essay to explain the game.

I'm loving a lot of these games coming out, I really am.

The idea of commanding a destroyer class gunship or having countless ships under your command as you explore and conquer the galaxy is such an awesome thing. It's no wonder that we could only expect this kind of gameplay from an indie dev.

What's more is that Parnell is only asking for a moderate $50,000 and he's already garnered $11,897 as of the writing of this article. So it's definitely possible for this guy to hit the target, especially with 30 days left on the clock.

If you've been wanting to play a procedural space sim where the deepest reaches of space are the limits, feel free to head on over to the Kickstarter page and pledge some funds or learn more about the project.

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