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World of Warcraft guild Method became the first players in the world to beat the Blackrock Foundry raid on Mythic difficulty. They got very, very excited about this accomplishment.

Method hasn't released the video of their fight against Warlord Blackhand, the last boss of Blackrock Foundry. However, they did release the audio of their excited shouts at the end of the fight. Take a listen:

RIP, somebody's plate.

This kind of unbridled enthusiasm might seem unusual. However, I can't remember watching a WoW kill video where the players didn't lose their minds. Hardcore raiding tends to bring out those emotions. You spend an obscene amount of hours dying over and over to the same boss. Die twenty times to learn Phase One, die fifty times to learn Phase Two, die seventy more when your healer quits and you need to train a new one from scratch. To beat other guilds to the kill, you stay up to ungodly hours, eat over your keyboard and curse the day you ever started playing this game.

After all that, you can't really blame these folks for screaming.

While that kind of thrill is rare, it isn't a one-time feeling. Method is proof of that. They're a guild that's about as old as WoW. They've racked up world-firsts in Siege of Orgrimmar, Throne of Thunder and many other raids. I'm sure there's been plenty of turnover throughout the years but there are probably few guilds out there with as much accumulated experience as they have. In spite of that, these guys and girls can still get a kick out of the masochistic process of hardcore raiding after all these years.

Blackrock Foundry's Mythic difficulty launched on February 10th. Like previous races for world first, this was a close one. Method was actually in 4th place as of the second-to-last boss fight, Iron Maidens. One of the guilds they managed to edge out in their late surge to the finish was Paragon, the group that was first-place in previous raid Highmaul.

"With the loss in Highmaul we made some minor roster changes which helped to improve the guild's performance and atmosphere," Method player Justwait said on the guild's website "Also, the hunger to get back to position number 1 played a really big role for all of us. It is what everyone in the raid wants and works for."

While Method was obviously thrilled to beat Blackhand before everyone else, Justwait says he's just as happy it's over.

"Personally I am really happy and excited we won. I am also relieved that it's over so we can get back to playing other games besides WoW, doing work, go to Uni and go back to Real Life!"

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