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A Look At Gamecock's Insecticide

Independent game developer Gamecock has made a name for itself by being just what it is and fighting for the right to make video games. Kudos to the developers for giving it to the man, and all that jazz. But are the games good?

Insecticide has been one of those titles thrown around a lot without much detail behind it. Since it’s headed to the PC, PSP, and DS this January, it’s about time we got to the nitty-gritty on this game.

It’s an action game about a planet on which bugs are the dominant species (although ask anyone who’s had a cockroach problem in their house and they might tell you that Earth isn’t far off.) Since it uses the “hard-boiled” detective story as a motif, the in-game city is dark, dreary, and rife with crime. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is good for a game with such a bizarre setting. Insect jokes are thrown about, but usually to the player’s chagrin. Ha ha, bugs have more than two arms, that’s comedy gold right there.

The gameplay looks simple and bland, like any number of platform/action titles. There’s nothing terribly special that one can distinguish from watching this video. The graphics are unimpressive (this might be the PSP version we’re watching because it sure doesn’t look like any PC game from the current decade.) And even if it were the PSP version, there is nothing terribly remarkable about it. All in all, it seems to be a rather dull game that has gotten a little more interest because of its dev team.