We're back with yet another promotion for a newly released MMO. While I'm sure a lot of you would love for us to provide promo keys for games like Defiance, PlanetSide 2 or Lineage Eternel, you'll just have to settle for these kind of games for now. Still, we're giving away a few legendary weapons, 20,000 of in-game gold and enough potions to keep you alive and kicking well into your mid-tier levels. Check out the goodies in the promotion pack below:

* 20000 Silver
* Lv. 5 Legendary Weapon
* Lv. 15 Legendary Outfit
* Lv. 15 Brilliant Shard x200
* Lv. 1 Regen Potion x20
* Lv. 2 Regen Potion x20
* Lv. 1 Life Potion x20
* Lv. 2 Life Potion x20
* Minifinny Egg (pet)

ZQGame's The Lost Titans is an isometric 3D MMORPG that happens to run within the confines of a browser. Before passing this off as a worthless casual title, take note that Runescape started in a browser as an ugly duckling, but look how it's turned out. Yeah, it's like going from Justin Bieber to George Clooney, or going from Lady Gaga to Kate Upton. In other words, browser games have really matured into something good looking these days.

You'll be able to deck out your character, venture across various regions of a massive game world, and beat the crap out of any and everything in your way. The art style is surprisingly engaging and the game's world is designed to keep players entertained and intrigued.

You can grab some friends and login to start playing The Lost Titans right now, for free, today. Grab a promo key below and retrieve your Legendary weapon right now. Just follow the instructions for the promotion key redemption and you can get a key from our Facebook page.

1.) Login at http://tlt.zqgame.com/

2.) Create your character

3.) Enjoy the beginning of your The Lost Titans journey with the tutorial boss in Newbie area and Iron City before you arrive at main city, City of Light. (In Iron City, when you reach level 5, you will have “Town Portal” Skill. Click it and go to City of Light.)

4.) Find NPC Chloe to redeem your gift pack (In City of Light, press “M” for world map, and go to coordinates (X320,Y288))

5.) Click on “Gift Pack Exchange” and input your gift code


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