Gamania and Beanfun are doing the unthinkable, the unfathomable, the completely insane, and bringing a dating MMORPG to North America. Yes, a dating MMORPG. If it sounds remotely crazy that's because it is.

David Wong, COO of Gamania commented in the press release about Lucent Heart saying...
“We knew we needed to bring Lucent Heart, one of the most popular Dating MMOs, to our North American fan-base, after the overwhelmingly positive response to the game overseas," “We are finally able to offer an authentic romantic online experience that gamers have been missing in current western MMOs.”

Yikes. In some regards you can easily see how a game like this could be marketed to Americans. I mean, isn’t it just about every other website and television commercial telling us Yanks that we can find true love either online or through some other shifty dating service? Well, why not in an MMO? There are plenty of G.I.R.L(s) out there looking for a good time and some sweet, sweet lovin’.

But what RPG would be complete without dungeons and monsters? Well, Lucent Heart is full of flaming monsters, twinkling special effects and magical buffs to help get couples, love-birds and romantic ventures off the ground. Special love dungeons are in the game, as well as marriage systems, and a complete (get this) matchmaking setup for perfect couples to find each other. It’s like a big budget, action adventure romantic comedy without Cameron Diaz or Kate Hudson.

Sign ups and more detailed information for Lucent Heart will be arriving at the digital doorsteps of gamers once November rolls around. You girl geeks and man nerds can start practicing your brainy pickup lines and witty one-liners as the sign-up process is currently open and accepting romantically inclined applicants. Just head on over to the Official Website and open up a free Beanfun account if you haven’t already.
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