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If you’re into Facebook gaming (and I hear a few people are) you might be interested in a new high-quality MMORPG from Concept Art House and 5th Planet Games, called Legacy of a Thousand Suns. The new MMO, which I had never heard of until today, is currently up and available for gamers to play through Facebook.

James Zhang, founder and CEO of Concept Art House commented in the press release about the game’s release, saying…
"A great video game needs quality art, immersive storytelling, and compelling characters. Legacy of a Thousand Suns is the first Facebook game to have all three," … "With next-gen artwork and production values comparable to the work our team delivers for AAA console games, Legacy of a Thousand Suns will appeal not only to casual gamers, but also to hardcore players who typically gravitate toward console releases."

Based on the concept art it’s tough to tell what the game is actually like, and only players who put in a little bit of playtime will be able to tell if it’s worth the continued investment of time or not. Legac of a Thousand Suns is basically an interstellar space opera, much like 2029 Online meets Star Wars.

Interested gamers can further check out the new Facebook gaming app by visiting the Official Legacy of a Thousand Suns Website.

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