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Madden 13 Social Brings Free Football To iOS, Facebook

Tired of playing Madden 13 on your boring old home console? Well now you can take that football experience wherever you go with Madden 13 Social, a new free-to-play multiplayer Madden experience mad just for iOS and Facebook.

Electronic Arts as announced the official release of Madden 12 Social, the “ultimate offensive shootout” that allows players to create their own team and face off against friends using either an iPhone, iPad or directly from within Facebook. Players receive packs of cards by spending in-game currency with each card representing a potential player. You can buy more packs of cards with real world money or put them up for sale in the game's own auction house.

Once you've got your perfect offensive lineup set, now it's time to square off against your friends' defense. Made for asynchronous play, you don't actually control the defense. Instead, you put together the best offensive drive you can manage, collect your coins for successes, then wait for your opponent to try their luck against your D line. Those playing on Facebook will have their offense ran through simulation after you pick the play, but those playing on iDevices will be able to tap receivers to pass to and use swipes to make their running backs juke.

Here's a couple of EA dudes giving the rundown.

Madden 13 Social is free to play and available now. For more details, videos, screenshots, etc, visit the game's official website.

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