With a name like Magimon and fitting into the digital collectable card game (CCG) genre, you probably don’t need me to tell you that this latest iOS game is all about training small monsters and using them to fight battles against other monster-wielding adventurers in a fantasy world. But, hey, it’s a formula that works, right? And if you’re looking for that type of an experience on your iPhone, then Magimon might be the way to go.

Magimon is set in a post-apocalyptic world where genetically engineered monsters roam the wilderness. The player’s job is to capture these monsters or build their own creations with items found out in the wild. Once you’ve got a small army of critters put together, it’s time to head back out into the wild in order to strengthen them through card battles.

Magimon, a free-to-play title from Aeria Mobile for iOS, boasts 10 unique areas for players to explore and hundreds of monsters to discover and/or create. You’ll have to pick a side before heading out into the field, joining either the Advocates, who believe in monster equality, or the Sentinels, who believe that harnessing the monsters’ power is the only way to restore their dying world.

Magimon is a deep, full-featured card battling game that defies expectations with a unique setting and story,” said Aeria Mobile GM Colin McKee. “The hundreds of monsters and missions, with even more on the way, will keep our players entertained for a long time to come.”

To learn more about Magimon, visit the game’s official website. To skip past all of that nonsense and just download the game for free, head on over to iTunes.

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