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GamesCampus announced today that brand new content is on the way for their third-person shooter, Manga Fighter. So what’s so new and major about the new update? Well, there are some new modes, trophies and a completely overhauled UI.

According to the game’s producer, Jonathan Stypula, he commented in the press release, saying…
"We think our community of players will be thrilled with all of the new fun features this update will bring!" … "This update will bring our players closer together by adding a community square where they can socialize and talk about the game or whatever else they would like to share with their friends."

The game sports heavy customizable features for players, lots of skills and a happy-go-killing artstyle, which is why it’s considered as a “casual” MMOTPS. Yeah, so you twitchy-fingered Modern Warfare types probably won’t be welcomed all that much in Manga Fighter.

Anyway, the new Season 2 update will go live come December 14th. You can learn more about the game and the new content by visiting the Official Website.

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