Mario Galaxy Full Of Dollar Signs

Mario Galaxy sold a lot of copies last week. A lot. Like, over 500,000. And that’s just the first week. In the US alone. Plain and simple, that makes Super Mario Galaxy the best-selling first-week Mario title ever launched, according to Nintendo’s Senior VP George Harrison (no, not the one with the sitar). Yep, even better than Mario 3. Of course, when you consider that a bunch of the Mario titles were actually pack-ins, that number seems…aw nevermind, the game kicks ass and there’s nobody in this or any other galaxy that can refute that simple fact. Once again, it looks like Nintendo simply doesn’t do bad Mario games (and shush to all you rain clouds hating on Sunshine).

Now if only Nintendo would put out a title this kickass that didn’t somehow involve the words Mario, Zelda, or Metroid. Maybe something involving all those Miis we’ve worked so hard to create that seem forever destined to mope around in their jail cell of a Mii Channel yearning to breathe free? I bet some of our Miis really would have liked to play Guitar Hero or Rock Band

If you’re having any doubts about what fun soaring through space with gaming’s favorite Italian stereotype can be, you owe it to yourself and to check this out. It’s clearly a must-own. Assuming you’re lucky enough to own a Wii.