Twelve Games has joined Steam's Greenlight bringing all the wonderful, acrobatic antics of capoeira with it. Outside of Namco Bandai's Tekken, we don't get to see capoeira much as a martial arts, which is such a shame.

With Martial Arts: Capoeira on Steam, perhaps it will open up enough doors to allow Twelve Games to make a sequel called Martial Arts: Wing Chun, Martial Arts: Tai Chi, Martial Arts: Hapkido or Martial Arts: Kenpo, where we get to play around with the technical aspects of other rarely used martial arts in games...and something done proper like they did with Capoeira.

Anyway, this isn't a big budget fighting game and it wasn't made with tens of millions like a few other AAA titles out there. Originally Martial Arts: Capoeira was a Wii/PS2 release that received little or no fanfare whatsoever.

Twelve Games has decided to try their luck with Steam, because what's it hurt to let your game run wild on a platform with all that piracy, right? Well, I suppose after success stories like Q.U.B.E. and Alan Wake, as noted on PC Gamer, it was time to put the superstitions in the closet and get to work.

If you've been craving for a decent PC fighting game and you already have one of the many, many, many Street Fighter games released for PC, you can show a little bit of support for Martial Arts: Capoeira by giving the game an upvote or two on the Greenlight page.

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