Marvel Heroes 2015 is still trucking along and the free-to-play online action-RPG that's kind of a mix between Diablo, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Path of Exile. The game allows players to take on the role of their favorite hero and play online. The creator of the game has mentioned that Gazillion has some big plans for the game in light of Valentine's Day being around the corner.

David Brevik, the creator of Marvel Heroes 2015 and the COO of Gazillion Entertainment recently let some news drop about the upcoming updates for the game.

According to Brevik, gamers can definitely look forward to some interesting new features for the title, saying...
“We have several plans for Marvel Heroes on Valentine’s Day this year. We are doing a few special events and activities in the game. You can send each other Valentine’s gifts, like candy hearts, there are special boosts, bundles, costumes and a mystery box are available. It will be an unusual Valentine’s Day this year because Mardi Gras will be going on at the same time, so it should really spice it up!

Brevik is probably best known in recent times for being dogged in a Facebook post by the former lead designer from Diablo III, Jay Wilson. The fallout between the two (mostly just Wilson) helped put Brevik back into the spotlight as he was prepping to unleash Marvel Heroes at the time. The decidedly poor consumer reception to Diablo III and plenty of backlash over some of Blizzard's decisions – such as making the game forced always-on and centering a lot of the gameplay around the game's Real-Money Auction House – caused enough people to snap out of their blind devotion to Blizzard and seek alternatives in games like Grim Dawn, Path of Exile and Marvel Heroes.

Gazillion's free-to-play MORPG, which launched back in early 2013, has been slowly evolving, adding new heroes from worlds like Asgard in update 2.0, as well as new locations and heroes like Luke Cage. The game is kind of like a spiritual successor to Activision's Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Nevertheless, with the Valentine's Day update prepping to drop, David Brevik and his wife Divo Brevik also had some advice to share for couples gaming (since they make it known that they've been gaming together for more than 15 years), with David reminding gamers it's all about fun and not just competition, saying...
“It’s fun to play competitive games, but don’t take it too far or too personally. [Divo and I] try and focus on cooperative games which allow us to support each other more rather than making it a “me vs. you” hobby.”

With Marvel Heroes 2015 being a cooperative game, that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Divo also offered advice for couples, too, complimenting David's comments by saying...
“This carries over to long-term relationships as well. Remember, this is supposed to be someone you love and cherish – treat them so in the game environment and you will do just fine.”

Well there you go, some romance advice for those with a budding romance in the interactive entertainment scene and just ahead of Valentine's Day.

You can look for the Marvel Heroes 2015 update to drop soon and learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official Marvel Heroes 2015 website.
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