Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Is Coming To Next-Gen Systems

For those of us who were big fans of the X-Men: Legends or the Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance games, now we have what they offered and a whole lot more. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is basically the Legends games, only writ much, much larger for the next-gen! You basically have the play of the entire Marvel Universe’s list of characters in one title. Want to play as Mr. Fantastic? Sure. Hulk? Great! Spidey? Who doesn’t want to play as the Webhead?

The point of the game, other than to create one gigantic Marvel Team-Up, is that Dr. Doom wants to take over the world (again) and has assembled the Masters of Evil to do so. Never mind that most astute Marvel Comics fans would know that the Masters of Evil answer to Baron Zemo and not Victor von Doom. It’s still a pretty cool idea. You’re task is to assemble a roster of Marvel heroes to go up against the assortment of bad guys that Dr. Doom has assembled. Oh, and you get to flee from a Galactus stomping, which looks like it’ll be a total blast.

Have no fear, true believers, because the game sets out to make additions to the Legends (and Baldur’s Gate) controls. They will have a new super power attack meter, and when that fills up it allows characters to unleash hell. It’s even more effective in multiplayer, where it doesn’t just release it for one character- ALL of your characters’ super moves come one after another! They’ll also add in flight powers, which could be very cool if pulled off right. One word of caution, however; there are differences between the various next-gen systems that the game will be on. The controls will be different, which will change how you play the game, and the Wii version will not have online capabilities (booo!).