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Mass Effect Infiltrator Screenshots Look Surprisingly Good

Yesterday EA announced Mass Effect Infiltrator for iOS devices. Today they followed up with three screenshots of the game and it looks a helluva lot better than Mass Effect Galaxy.

Galaxy, BioWare's previous iOS outing, was a top-down shooter with very underwhelming visuals. Infiltrator, however, is third-person shooter that doesn't look that far off from a normal Mass Effect game. It might be using Unreal Engine 3, the same tech powering the PC/console installments in the series.

In Mass Effect Infiltrator, players assault a Cerberus base. They have two primary objectives: rescue prisoners and recover evidence of Cerberus' crimes. In doing so, players will unlock weaponry for Mass Effect 3.

Infiltrator, like Mass Effect 3's co-op, will give you an opportunity to boost your Galactic Readiness in the single-player campaign. Galactic Readiness determines the quality of the game's ending. BioWare has stressed that you can get the best ending in the game without playing Infiltrator or co-op, though.

BioWare will release Infiltrator through the App Store soon. There's no mention of an Android release.

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Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.