If you live for the thrill of battle, the clash of swords and the roar of the cannon, then you might want to check out Matrix Games’ ongoing sale, offering deep discounts on Commander: Napoleon at War and Crown of Glory: Emperor’s Edition.

Between today and May 19, Matrix Games is offering up to 50 percent off on a pair of their top-down war games, including additional discounts on the usually more expensive physical edition of the games.

Both Commander and Crown of Glory are strategy wargames, offering a birds-eye view of the battlefield as the player manages resources, maneuvers armies, commands soldiers and tries to out-think the opposing forces. Knowing when to attack, when to lie in wait and when to go on the defensive could mean the difference between life and death, victory and defeat. We’re talking strictly in the gaming world, here. The real world results simply equate to determining how good you feel about the way you spent your last hour of gaming time. Losing because of one poorly orchestrated attack sure does leave a bad aftertaste.

For the next week, Commander: Napoleon at War will be marked down to $19.99 while Crown of Glory: Emperor’s Edition will be going for $29.99. As an added bonus, boxed versions of both of the games will receive the same price point, meaning you can have these bad boys shipped to you for the same cost of snagging the digital download.

To jump into all of this war-time action for the PC, simply head on over to the Matrix Games official website.

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