Earlier this week we announced that Max Payne would be landing on mobile devices and today we're announcing that Max payne is currently available for mobile phones and devices that support Nvidia's new Tegra 3 technology.

For those of you who don't know what the Tegra 3 tech is all about, it's basically a quad-core processor that enables developers to make the most out of a game's graphic and visual capabilities, utilizing additional shaders, dynamic shadowing, liquid effects and extra reflective properties. In other words, games can look darn pretty running on your mobile device.

Rockstar has pulled Max Payne out of the bag once again for the mobile demographic, but they aren't pulling any punches when it comes to the graphics or gameplay, as Max Payne will still retain the hard-as-nails AI and smooth as butter gunplay.

In addition to the slow-motion diving, dynamic bullet-time shootouts and gritty noir-story, gamers will also be treated to some enhanced features such as added antistrophic texture filtering, enhanced dynamic lighting, Haptic vibration feedback, HD resolutions and even supports wireless USB compatible gamepads, so if you're not keen on getting your screen all smudged up then you can just plug in a controller and keep on playing.

Max Payne is currently available for $2.99 on the TegraZone at Google Play or you can learn more by paying a visit to the Official Max Payne Tegra Zone Page. A list of the game's features can also be viewed below.


• Max Payne's signature slow motion gunplay, Bullet Time
• Stunningly sharp, HD quality resolution and textures
• Gameplay tailored for touch screen devices with highly customizable controls and multiple aiming modes
• Highly customizable controls
• Multiple aiming modes
• Compatible with the GameStop Wireless Game Controller and select USB gamepads
• Integrated with Immersion Haptic Vibration Feedback
• Tailor your visual experience with adjustable graphic settings
• Unlock cheats, track your stats and more with full Rockstar Games Social Club integration

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