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Pirahna Games has revealed the first urban map for their free-to-play action game MechWarrior Online. River City is a coastal metropolis ravaged by war whose only occupants are opposing armies of mechs.

The city is split into two parts by a river. The quickest way to get across is a pair of bridges; keeping them clear of enemy forces is key to victory. Players will battle for control of a space station, industrial port, and citadel.

The really impressive thing about this map is that it isn't just "a city map." In the course of battles, players can also venture in the surrounding wilderness. There are hills and forests for you to fill with destroyed enemy mechs.

MechWarrior Online has been in closed beta since earlier this summer. You can apply for a spot here. Alternately, you can spring for a premium Founder's package, which will guarantee you a place in the testing. The Founder's program is being offered until September 6th.

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