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This weekend the free-to-play MechWarrior Online resurfaced again. A new trailer, clocking in at less than a minute, shows a group of mechs fighting it out in a mountain range.

If you have no idea what MechWarrior is, this trailer brings you up to speed very quickly. You pilot a heavily-armed mech and try to blast your enemies into dust. The weapons at your disposal include lasers, missiles, and machine guns. Part of the fun is going to be building your own custom mech and deciding what weapons and other equipment to bring into battle.

The game's powered by CryEngine 3, previously seen in Crysis 2. As a result, it's rather easy on the eyes. I'm happy to live in a world where companies can somehow afford to make free-to-play games that look that good.

MWO is supposed to launch later this year. If so, we should start to see a lot more of the game soon. In the near future, we can probably expect an extended version of this trailer.

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