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Capcom has been derided and denigrated quite a bit over the last two months, it's all with good reason. However, they are a company that was known for making grand-fantastic games, and in spite of all the controversy, a few fans banded together to pay tribute to one of Capcom's most beloved mascots.

The video comes courtesy of an Olan Rogers who put together the independent film with only $700. Yes....$700. Before clicking away and figuring it's not worth your time, you should definitely give the video a quick look to see how it all came together. Check it out below.

According to Rogers he had no money to pay the actors with so they just had to churn in an Oscar-worthy performance pro-bono. He also had help from a friend to work out the special effects and scenery. For $700 I definitely can't argue with the results...the aesthetics and quality of staying true to the character was maintained quite well and as many people commented on YouTube, the action and story, albeit brief, are better than what we received from many other big-budget Hollywood flicks based on video games.

You can check out more stuff from Olan over at his Official YouTube Page. And despite all the controversy surrounding Capcom and the Better Business Bureau, this at least shows that fans still love Capcom's properties, despite all the shady shenanigans.

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