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In this fresh, napalm-warm footage of Mercenaries 2: World In Flames, expect nothing less than the best-looking explosions for any next-gen system. As you approach what might be the most unfriendliest oil rig in oil rig history, you unleash a sonic firestorm of rockets that annihilates anything that isn't the Human Torch, that is, anything that won't die from a lot of fire.

You touch down on the rig only to find there's a helicopter who somehow thinks he can kill you. Time to set him straight. Shooting a grappling hook and flying on up to the chopper is simple enough, but throwing the pilot out of a helicopter won't be as easy as hijacking some El Camino driven by a dude with no arms and no fight left in him after 12 arm-less years. Through some frenzied mini-game button tapping, you have to pull the helicopter pilot out of the helicopter, smash his head with the helicopter door then send him on his way to the ground 1,000 feet below. This, of course, all happens while you're being shot at by a trigger-humping battalion of guards.

Quite simply, this game has yet to look not incredible. Expect Mercenaries 2 for the XBOX 360, PS3, PS2, and PC to blow the shit out of your local video game emporium this November.