PC gamers looking for a sequel to Gears of War never got one. You had to abandon your PC and go play on the Xbox 360 to see how that gripping, character-driven, Dostoyevksy-shaming writing came to a conclusion. Well, if you decided to stay faithful to your old rig but you still want a Gears of War style game, then Yingpei Games has you covered with Mercenary Ops, a free-to-play Gears clone for PC gamers.

Today, it was announced that Mercenary Ops is currently accepting closed beta registrants and there's a chance you can get in on the action simply by having a Facebook account.

Mercenary Ops Producer, Jason Sharp mentioned that...
“Balancing is always a major concern when it comes to online shooters, especially when they are free-to-play,” ... “Because of this, we have committed heavily to testing the game internally and have even invited some of the world’s best professional gamers for their invaluable feedback. With the launch of our closed beta we will have the chance to garner even more feedback, this time from general shooter fans."

In other words, those of you who don't know how to pop out from cover and nab a headshot without blinking are the kind of gamers they're after. Average Joe Schmoes. As mentioned, you can gain a chance to enter the CBT simply by heading to the Mercenary Ops facebook page and "Liking" the page.

The first group of testers will be allowed into the game starting June 20th next month. The game will start with six intense game modes, multiple maps, basic customization and even eight player co-op options. Some of the game's mini-bosses will also make an appearance in the CBT so gamers will have an idea of what to expect when the open-beta rolls around.

If you'd like to learn more about the game or gain an opportunity to join the upcoming closed-beta, be sure to head on over to the Official Mercenary Ops Facebook Page.

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