Unreal Engine powered gameplay and graphics? Check. Active cover firing mechanics? Check. Brutal melee combat? Check. Two main weapons and intense third-person shooting? Check. Active reload system? Check. Is this basically an MMO version of Gears of War for PC? Pretty much, yeah.

Minus the Locusts Horde and weighty Cog soldiers, Mercenary Ops is basically a dead-ringer for Gears of War. The game has identical gameplay features and everything you would expect from the third-person console shooter makes an appearance in YingPei Games' upcoming online action title.

What's more is that you can see all these features fleshed out in a brief gameplay overview trailer below.

The rolling, the wall-hugging, the weapon switching, it all looks eerily similar to Epic Games' Xbox 360 exclusive. In a way it's a good thing for PC gamers who wanted to experience something similar without having to fork over cash for an Xbox 360. It's also a good thing for gaming all the way around as it takes gameplay elements previously exclusive to certain franchises and opens it up to the online gaming market. Now all we need is an MMO Tekken clone that isn't World of Jingwu and maybe a Gran Turismo clone that isn't Heat Online, and we should be good.

You can look for Mercenary Ops to launch this summer for the PC, or you can learn more by paying a visit to the game's Official Website.

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