Team Meat's latest offering, Mew-Genics, continues to be teased leading up to the game's release with screenshots and comments from the game's creators. This weekend, “Mew-Genics Teaser Week 7” kicked off with a video featuring a two-minute ditty that will serve as the game's title them. And, yarp, it's pretty adorable.

Announced via Team Meat's blog, the title theme is a two-minute romp of cute cat noises and a dancing piano line. It all has a very “carnival,” Danny Elfman vibe to it.

But here I am trying to tell you what it sounds like when you could just be listening to it yourself. Behold, the latest creation of musical masterminds Matthias Bossi and Jon Evans: The Mew-Genics title theme, “Cat Chase!”

Ah, the joy of frolicking with felines. It's like Bossi and Evans were able to the terrifying joy of such an activity and captured it perfectly in musical form.

“Cat Chase” is just one of 20 songs that will make up the Mew-Genics soundtrack, half of which will also feature lyrics.

“We really wanted to make the game's music feature extended themes of the game or small stories within each song, kind of how Katamari did it in a way, except all our songs are about cats,” said Team Meat's Edmund McMillen in the blog post.

And that's exactly where you should head if you would like to get a few more background details on the entire crew making the Mew-Genics soundtrack a reality.

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