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Remember many, many years ago there was an article here at Gaming Blend asking when AI in games would finally match up to the graphical leap we’ve experienced over the years since the old 2D days of gaming? Well, ionfx, an indie studio working on the new game Miasmata, is promising the kind of artificial intelligence many gamers have been craving to face off against for years.

Brief new video footage has surfaced of Miasmata, a first-person, open-world survival-adventure game, featuring one of the most interesting features in gaming to date: an AI opponent who tracks you and stalks you from up to several miles away. This AI opponent will follow your scent, scope out your tracks and look for traces of where you've been to find out where you're going. Intense, right?

The gameplay also mirrors what a real-time version of Myst would be like, with players traveling around to uncover what happened to a research group on the island of Eden. The game has many of the latest in graphical effects going on and sports a lot of lush environments to scope out.

According to DIY Gamer ionfx is looking to the Kickstarter program for some additional funding to help wrap up development and deliver the game by the 2012 release date.

You can learn more about the PC adventure game, Miasmata, over at ionfx Official Website or check out a very brief gameplay video over at DIY Gamer.

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