Each year at E3 Microsoft likes to do a little thing called “Bringing it Home” where the publisher offers lots of videos and demos from the E3 conference. Sometimes these items are good, and others not so much. It has been confirmed that Xbox 360 owners will get the chance to play a demo of Too Human next week.

IGN has confirmed that Microsoft will begin the “Bringing it Home” initiative with the usual game trailers, news items, interview, gamerpics, themes and demos. Look for the glut of content to be the gamerpics and themes though. Now that everyone has read through the numerous hands on impressions of Too Human’s preview build we’re likely all looking forward to getting a handle on the game ourselves.

We don’t know exactly what the demo will include. Hopefully online coop will make it in. My biggest concern is how the game handles with the twin stick mechanic along with the equipment and item management. A ten minute demo of a single “arena” probably won’t give a good impression of the scope Denis Dyack is trying to tell us about. So we’ll cross our fingers in anticipation of a full-on badass demo.

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