Midnight City Giving Away Free Krautscape Game Codes

Midnight City, the publisher of many recent indie games, is slightly switching professions: they're getting into the business of matchmaking. They're hooking up gamers with games and doing so by speaking the universal language of video game love. How are they doing that? Simple: they're giving away free game codes for the recently released action-racing title, Krautscape.

Using the sweet sculptural methods of getting gamers to pay attention the best way any gamer knows how, Midnight City is cashing in on that “free” card in a big way by handing out Steam codes for the early access of Mario von Rickenbach's – not to be confused with Max Von Sydow – racing game that sees players racing to the finish line in a way that's never been featured in a competitive racing title before.

I picked up a digital copy of Krautscape after following the game through its Greenlight phase; and even though it's in Early Access it's a very polished title. My first impressions were mostly positive because it's such a different take on the way the competitive racing genre is portrayed. No blue turtle shells, no getting stuck in a wall, and no getting completely left behind with no way of ever catching up. The game is disproportionately fair in comparison to other racing games out there, and it's one of the things that keeps it ever-so interesting.

But no one cares about the gameplay or how well it works or any of the features – even though the game does support online, LAN and split-screen gameplay for up to four players in each mode – the only thing that anyone came here for is the free stuff.

So how do you get the free game? Well, it's pretty easy... Midnight City handed out some free game codes and they're sharing them across the interwebs. They've given us 10 codes to hand out to our readers, and had I not purchased a copy of Krautscape for myself I could have stolen one of those codes and used it for myself... and then, we would only have 9 codes to give away. But alas, we have 10 codes to give away and we're doing so like all our other cash-shop code giveaways: Facebook.

So it's pretty easy, you just check in on Gaming Blend's Facebook page periodically and we'll be handing out the codes to interested gamers... right there on the page. It's like if the drug trade went public and went free and you could walk out onto the middle of the street and just grab a pack of crack like it was legal. Oh boy, I'm betting Rob Ford is just salivating at the mouth and sweating profusely at the very thought of that... then again, I don't think the sweat would be from the excitement but from not getting the regular fix.

Anyway, you don't have to be like Rob Ford, hiding and sneaking around to get your gaming fix. We're bringing it straight to you, right out in the open. All you have to do is head on over to our Facebook page.

For anyone else curious as to what else Krautscape has to offer, or you're curious about picking up a digital copy without hanging off the teet of our Facebook page for Midnight City's giveaway, you can head on over to the official Early Access store page.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.