This Might Be The Greatest Hearthstone Comeback Ever

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft might seem like a pay-to-win game. A player who buys enough packs to get Legendaries should be able to steamroll their opponents, right? Well, in a match this weekend, a player manages to mount an amazing comeback over an opponent with multiple Legendaries on the table.

Well-known Hearthstone streamer Trump finds himself in a tough spot about nine minutes into the match. He's down to 8 health and his opponent summons Ragnaros the Firelord, a Legendary that can cause 8 damage every turn to a random enemy. It seems like only a matter of time before Trump's hero gets incinerated.

Fortunately, he's an ice mage with plenty of ways to keep himself alive. He uses cards like Ice Block and Ice Barrier to prevent killing blows. Abilities with Freeze effects, meanwhile, allow him to keep his opponent's growing pack of powerful minions from attacking him head-on. All the while, he collects offensive spell cards for an eventual counterattack.

Trump also benefits from some mistakes from his control Druid opponent. Trump's Doomsayers, which can wipe out all minions on the board after a turn, messes with the other player's head a bit. His opponent decides to silence them to prevent that board-wiping ability. However, they could have won by using that silence on Ragnaros instead. Silencing Ragnaros removes his randomized attack but does allow him to attack normally. Ragnaros could have then just punched Trump's mage in the face and won the game.

Through his opponent's errors and some lucky draws, Trump manages to hang in there long enough to get the spells he needs to take down his opponent's 17 health in one turn. The other player has four Legendaries out but can't stop a barrage of three spells to his face.

The most enjoyable part of the video is how excited Trump gets. In past videos I've watched, he's calm and composed. He doesn't swear or rage like I would if I saw two Legendaries tossed on the table. However, in the last turns of this match, he acts like a Texas Hold'em player waiting on the fifth card to drop. He can barely look at the game. Then, once he realizes he's about to win, he loses it. "Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap!"

Granted, Trump's got an excellent deck of his own and he's hit Legend rank several times over. That doesn't take away from how amazing the victory is, though. He should have lost several times over in this match but he hung in there and turned it around. Decks matter but this video shows that some luck and skill can triumph even over a player with a pile of Legendaries.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.