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MineCraft Dev: Piracy Isn't Stopping Us

Marcus "Notch" Persson, famous for the game MineCraft, has come forward to talk about the consumer debilitating disease spreading throughout the PC software distribution universe known as DRM. Notch says it's hurting more than helping and him and other devs are forming a group to fight DRM.

While some developers are supporting always-on DRM which completely prevents gamers from accessing content or playing a game unless they are online and the servers for said game are active, Notch -- better known as the former lead designer for one of the most popular games in current existence right now, MineCraft -- came forward in an interview with GameInformer [via CVG] where Persson says...

"There are so many evil companies that want to control the flow of information because they managed to do so for 20 years, and they want to do it forever,"... That's not really how information behaves. Copying something on the internet is a free process, and it's easy to do. You literally cannot install a game without copying. Everything is copying, all the time. Trying to control that is counterproductive."

Some of the top offenders of DRM includes Ubisoft, who has littered their games with always-on DRM to protect themselves from the 90% of PC gamers who are all hackers and pirates. CD Projekt has recognized that this also a counterproductive measure and you only lose fans and loyal supporters constantly trying to fight the pirates. GOG's managing director, Guillaume Rambourg, even spoke out against the practice because it's a time and financial consuming endeavor that only paints you as the bad guy in the end.

Notch wasn't done preaching to the choir, though, and further added...

"If you really want to control it, you have to have hardcore, technical solutions to it. So, you have futile attempts like DRM. It gets more and more intrusive... I thing [the internet is] fine as it is; I'm making lots of money off it. Piracy isn't stopping us. Sure, we'd prefer if people bought the game, but there are enough honest people out there. so, just focus on the honest people."

Mojang, the place where Marcus Persson made a name for himself, is currently working on their upcoming game Scrolls, and you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be DRM free.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.