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Mojang and Microsoft must be cackling with joy these days. The popular title Minecraft has managed to breach the 20 million sold mark on PC and Mac. This news comes just ahead of this year's Minecon event.

IGN picked up the story, quickly running down how the game has even managed to add a massive 10,622 new people to game in the last 24 hours, expanding the 20 million figure by thousands more, according to the Minecraft stats page.

This impressive figure comes after a series of other milestones that the game has hit in the sales department. Microsoft saw what a huge potential revenue opportunity resides in Minecraft and opted to purchase the creators of Minecraft, Mojang and the property for $2.5 billion.

The purchase saw original creator Markus Persson take leave from Mojang with a hefty sum of money.

The Minecraft property now sits at tens of millions of copies sold, with IGN noting that the game had moved a cumulative amount of 54 million back in 2014.

Many questioned if Microsoft may have overvalued the property at $2.5 billion but others see it as a long term brand investment. Minecraft originally came onto the scene back in 2009 hand hasn't shown any signs of slowing down as far as sales are concerned. So long as the game is made available there are those who will be willing to download and play the game.

What's more is that Microsoft recently demonstrated how Minecraft could be used as a platform to push new technologies like VR and the HoloLens augmented reality tech. In fact, the HoloLens demo of Minecraft was hailed as one of the major highlights of this year's competitive E3 stage conferences.

The idea of not only playing in the game but being able to take the virtual space out of the television and play with it in the real world could make the game even bigger yet.

Microsoft also plans to push Minecraft beyond the game and VR space and into classrooms. Even if consumer sales slow down they could use the public education and private education fields to keep Minecraft relevant. According to, Microsoft is looking into expanding digital gaming into the education sector and have even made a sub-domain over on to help educate and inform the public about how games like Mojang's survival building game to shape leadership skills, help bolster teamwork amongst students and teach them a wide range of other skills and utilities ranging from history to sociology.

Nevertheless, in the immediate future continuing to keep copies of the popular 3D 8-bit game selling to as many people as possible is likely still high up on their list.

It also doesn't look like things like Turkey investigating Minecraft for influencing violence in kids is going to stop the game's momentum all that much. Although, with all the games, toys, licensed content mirrored after Minecraft, I am curious how close Microsoft is to making back their $2.5 billion investment?

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