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I guess this first paragraph should warn you that there are spoilers up ahead. If you don't want Borderlands 2 spoiled for you in any way, stay away from this article (although, we really do appreciate the hits). If an untainted, unspoiled, unmolested gameplay experience is what you're after, you won't find it after reading this piece about Minecraft being in Borderlands 2.

So, a day before release it appears this is now Borderlands Monday. Yup, September 17th is now Borderlands Day. Without really having to try hard it appears social media, gaming media and gamers have just kind of taken over today to gush over Borderlands 2. Cool beans.

Well, the gushing continues as easter eggs have been found in Borderlands 2, mostly involving Creepers and block heads. The easter eggs come courtesy of Stick Twiddlers who note that there is a level dedicated to Minecraft in Borderlands 2. It features some “badass creepers” and some block-heads.

The easter eggs pay homage to Mojang's wildly popular survival-creation indie game, Minecraft and now I'm curious to find out what other goodies could be present in Borderlands 2.

By now it should go without saying that the game is due out tomorrow (or rather, six hours from the publishing of this article) and gamers keen on getting in on the action can still pre-order now or start camping out at the local GameStops to pick up a copy.

You can check out the Creeper stalking up on the player in the screenshots below. Certainly, one of the most fearsome creatures to invade Pandora...or perhaps, maybe that's where Minecraft takes place all along?

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