While the original Mini Ninjas was an adorable 3D action/adventure game for consoles, the feisty trio of warriors are now making a dash for the mobile platform, releasing today as new runner experience for iOS.

Published by Square Enix, Mini Ninjas for iOS allows players to take on the role of Hiro or one of his two faithful friends in order to run, jump, slash and smash their way through colorful levels bustling with traps and the minions of the Evil Samurai Warlord. You’re on a quest to retrieve a stolen artifact from a menacing dragon, and the only way to succeed is to rely on your lightning-fast reflexes.

Along the way, players will collect Kuji Energy, which allows you to unlock new powers. There’s also the requisite helping of customization, achievements and unlockable content.

A couple of new features also help set Mini Ninjas apart from the rest of the runner crowd, including a crafting system that lets you build new power-ups and equipment, as well as the ability to take on your fellow ninjas’ powers by rescuing them within the game world.

Mini Ninjas is available now on iTunes for $0.99. To celebrate, Square Enix is also discounting several of its other mobile games. Tarting today, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light HD, Mensa Academy, Championship Manager 2011, Championship Manager 70’s Legends and Championship Manager 80’s Legends have all been discounted to just $0.99.

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