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IGG's three-way PvP fantasy MMO, Moonlight Online, has officially launched globally for gamers the world around. The game brings vampires, werewolves and human slayers together in a free-for-all unseen in the world of MMOs since SoftOn's DarkEden.

Moonlight Online sports a detailed Gothic world where players will battle alongside friends to waylay opposing races in an epic battle to control the world...just like DarkEden. Each class has its own specialties and abilities, as vampires are more along the lines of sorcerers and elementalists where-as humans fit the warrior and ranger archetype and the lycans fulfill the barbarian and berserk category.

Each race offers players something a little bit different and the day and night cycles also play a part in the game as well as robust soul-system for weapons. Imbuing your weapon with various souls can increase its power by great magnitudes and enables gamers to keep hold of their favorite weapon while leveling it up with the grind.

IGG has also completely revamped the game's website so that it's now possible to finally download and play the game via the client-based install. To commemorate the game's launch you can grab a special beta key that we'll be handing out on our Facebook page periodically that contains $30 worth of cash shop items.

You can sign-up and start downloading Moonlight Online right now by visiting the Official Website.