So, what do some of the folks responsible for Halo do after they’ve stopped working on one of the most successful, revolutionary first-person shooters to ever hit game consoles? Well, if you’re Industrial Toys, then it looks like you make another FPS set in space, only this time you try your hand at completely revolutionizing the genre on the mobile platform instead.

Introducing Morning Star the first in a planned series of iOS games powered by the Unreal Enging and headed to portable devices next spring. Morning Star aims to be a “complete reimagining of the science fiction shooter” featuring all of the bullet-riddled action you’ve come to expect, as well as new controls, community features and competitive multiplayer we’ve never seen on the mobile platform.

“Industrial Toys shares our philosophy when it comes to bringing the highest quality production values to touchscreen games, and they’re leveraging the very latest Unreal Engine visual features for mobile devices,” said Epic’s Joe Kreiner.

Morning Star is set 120 years into the future aboard a research ship that’s been packed to the gills with military weaponry on a quest to investigate a mysterious signal broadcasting from within our own solar system. Unfortunately for those aboard the ship, they’re teleported clear across the galaxy once they reach their destination, immediately finding themselves thrust into the middle of an alien war. Neat!

“With Morning Star, we’re looking to change expectations for what kind of experience core gamers get from their mobile devices,” said Industrial Toys CEO Alex Seropian. “We’re breaking new ground on everything from the visuals to the story to the ongoing support we’ll provide in the way of content, events and player involvement. It’s gonna be nuts.”

Now all we have to do is wait for the very vague “spring” release window to enjoy it. Huzzah!

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